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The long awaited Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, and the majority of us were lucky enough to get to spend some precious quality time with our family and friends and eat some delicious food. While the saying ‘all good things must come to an end’ is true, fortunately InterCall audio conferencing services continues to provide reasons for many businesses to be thankful.

Audio conferencing technology has made dramatic leaps and bounds from where it once was when it first appeared on the market. These improvements have helped to increase audio conferencing popularity levels, making it the next best solution to face-to-face meetings. Today, audio conference calling companies offers flexibility and cost-savings that allow you to easily increase your productivity levels – something many of us can be thankful for.

Previously, executives around the world would have squirmed at the idea of conducting an audio conference call. Now, countless numbers of businessmen and women are opting in favor of employing services like – particularly at this time of year – because they provide high-quality communication and collaboration while also providing them with the flexibility to spend time in the location of their choice. Moreover, when incorporated with the Internet, you are able to better interact with your audience via enhanced audio controls, video, and presentation/application/desktop sharing.

So, in the Thanksgiving spirit, we have created a small list of audio conferencing features to be thankful for:
Streamlined scheduling – schedule and invite attendees to join your conference with one-click via your Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar
Dial-out – leading audio conferencing providers, such as InterCall make joining and hosting calls easy. Subsequent to clicking on the URL to join, you will be prompted for your telephone number; once entered, the audio bridge will dial out to you and connect you to the meeting
Document/application/desktop sharing – whether you’re taking notes, conducting a PowerPoint presentation or collaborating on a document, including a visual aspect to your meeting helps to keep your audience engaged. In addition, many solutions also offer the ability to pass control of the meeting or even your desktop to another attendee
Know who has joined your meeting – whether you’re holding an audio conference call, or conducting a meeting with web integration there are multiple features that allow you to know who has joined your conference and, if needed, disconnect a line
Mute attendees – if you’re familiar with audio conference calls, chances are you’ve been on one where there was an attendee with a distracting background noise that made it almost impossible to concentrate on the topic at hand. By being able to mute attendees, you can easily avoid this mishap and keep your participants engaged

Want to learn more about InterCall audio conferencing services, WebEx audio conferencing services, PGi audio conferencing services, and other audio conferencing providers in the USA and Canada? Give one of our professional account managers a call today!

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Thanks to Audio Conference Calling Companies for Audio Conference Call

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This article was published on 2011/12/15